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My name is Emily, welcome to my website! I am a wedding and portrait photographer who lives in Clarkston, Michigan. I’ve owned my business since 2005! It still seems weird to do the math on that one. I’ve shot hundreds of weddings and over 700 portrait sessions. If there’s a lighting situation on this planet I’ve shot in it. From caves to beaches to dark churches to outside gardens. I’ve shot in barns, on boats, in cars, in living rooms, museums… Light is everything in photography and there is just no way, other than years of experience, to have shot in so many varying and challenging situations. And in that time I've fine tuned my craft of reading people and knowing when to anticipate powerful moments too. I know exactly what to look for and when to look for it. I know how to be invisible and how to take the lead. I know when to expect the unpredictable. And that kind of experience makes ALL the difference. I definitely can offer you peace of mind! Please look through my galleries and my about page and reach out to me if you have questions!