Super Powers

that's a thing with photographers right?

  • This is an incredibly important part of what I do. It's where all my best ideas come from!

  • From albums to collages to thank yous and save the dates. I design everything personally and in-house for you!

  • I seriously check my email 100 times a day. If you have something pressing, I'll be on it!

  • Whether it's location ideas or full blown stylized shoots let me take the reigns! I can take the information you give me and come up with the perfect way to make your vision a reality.

  • This is important during weddings... trust me...

  • I just love coffee. That's all.

  • I care about my clients, I consider them friends and do everything I can to make sure they have an experience of the highest quality and that we all have a lot of laughs and a hug or two along the way!


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Awkward Wave!

  • 2008-2016 Best of the Knot
  • The Knot Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Award Winner
  • Click on Detroit Award Winner
  • Published in The Knot and Brides Magazine
  • My kids think I'm the best photographer on the planet. I'm most proud of this accolade.

Bios are awkward. My name is Emily, I have 3 kids, a husband, a dog, a goldfish and 5 DSLRS. I love taking photos, editing all night long, returning emails at 2am and forgetting I left my coffee in the other room and reheating it in the microwave 12 times a day. I also enjoy paying for gym memberships I don't use and taking long walks with my toddler (because she walks with about as much purpose and direction as a bumble bee.)

I lead a pretty glamorous life, I can tell you're jealous. I mean, on the weekends, I get a front row seat to the most incredible celebrations and during the week I get to kiss baby toes, chase kiddos around parks and basically get to spend time with pretty amazing people who have the best stories to share. If it weren't for the editing, emailing, networking, marketing, software updating, website upgrading, blog and social network updating, stray bridezilla, stray groomzilla, stray mother of the bride - zilla I'd say it's pretty much a cakewalk.

Nah, but really, I'm super lucky. I get to do what I love and the office busy work is just a small price to pay for what I get to do. And they call me the zilla tamer for a reason... (Actually noone calls me that but I'm looking into getting t-shirts made.)

I would say what led me to where I am now (my computer desk in yoga pants) was a drive to capture the true essence of a moment. Trapping time, it's kindof an obsession of mine. Probably something a therapist should be contacted about but I've decided to channel it into a meaningful career instead.

Being able to put a personality or all the feelings of a moment onto a piece of paper you can hold in your hand for a lifetime is what gives my life purpose. That, and coffee. Oh and my kids, and my husband. Kids, husband, coffee, and putting that moment on a piece of paper. That order.

Oh, I'm also a little sarcastic.