Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

Will you be the photographer at my wedding? Will you be the one to design my album and answer my questions?

Some people may not understand why this is such a frequently asked question. There are a lot of companies that will present you with a beautiful portfolio comprised of images from several (if not hundreds) of wedding photographers that operate as employees of a bigger company. You don’t actually meet or know which of these photographers will be the photographer you’re paying for until the day of your wedding. Your album is outsourced to a bigger company and you have little to no say about your album designs. You call or email the company and talk to assistants. This is the way some couples like to go. I offer a much more personal experience to my clients. My goal as a wedding photographer is to capture uncensored emotion on your wedding day – This means there must be a certain level of comfort between us if you’re going to be able to ‘forget’ I’m there and act more in the moment and less for the lens… I feel like it is important to note that your wedding photographer is your shadow the day of your wedding. You need to interview your photographer prior to your wedding day just to make sure they don’t smell! You’ll know when you sit down with a photographer if you ‘click’ or not. If you don’t ‘click’ it will show in your pictures. I think it gives my clients a sense of security knowing that they met with me personally and every conversation all the way through their print ordering procedure will be had with me. I will return your calls and emails, spend your day with you and laugh with you over your silly reception photos because I was there and saw it too (and had fun!) This is my business – Everything I put into it is everything I am. If I put in less it only reflects on myself.

What does photojournalistic photography mean? What does traditional photography mean?

Photojournalism is simply the art of documenting events, neither posed nor controlled while traditional photography is posed and completely controlled by the photographer. I offer a combination of both of these styles so everyone is happy. I have yet to shoot a wedding where everyone agrees on every detail. Based on your direction I can focus on one style more than the other but will always deliver a combination of both. My photography has been known to even make mother-in-laws happy! Note: My definition of ‘posed’ may not be the same as others. I will not spend hours making you tilt your head a little more… no, a little more… right there – no, now tilt it a little to the right etc. etc. My goal is not to make you look like you were married in the 80′s or are auditioning for America’s Next Top Model. My goal is to make you look like you, just your awesomest you possible. I will guide you into relaxed poses and keep you feeling and looking comfortable and natural. Your formal group shots will be directed and I will do the once over to make sure everyone’s hands are doing the same thing, flowers are straight, noone is blinking etc. I won’t just say “Now everyone stand over there!” shoot, and hope for the best. But I won’t be forcing anyone into awkward poses here either. I think  a certain amount of guidance is necessary and expected from all professional photographers. Sub Question: Which do you prefer? In my heart, Im a photojournalist.   Im very good at anticipating moments that others might miss. A quick laugh, look, smile – A hug, kiss or whisper… Im good at understanding how people are going to react in given situations and by reading their body language I can create a series of images that will tell a story and make you feel like you’re reliving the moment. My passion is bringing out the emotion in a photograph.

What happens if you are unable, for some reason, to be at our wedding that day?

Wrong answer: I will probably feel so bad, I’d offer you a lifetime of portrait sessions for free. And your children’s portrait sessions, and their children’s… you get the idea. Right answer: I have back-up. If something life-shattering occurs that prevents me from fulfilling my obligation to you I will offer you two alternatives. Option A: You may opt to claim a full refund and call it a deal. You will then be free to find another photographer at your own discretion. Option B: I can find an alternate photographer to cover your day, providing you with samples of their work and references – any cost difference to obtain a similar package as the one you booked with me would be covered by myself. If something happens on the way to your ceremony, I will contact one of several colleagues in the field to find an available, talented professional to replace me.  Long story short – Someone will be there with a camera around their neck – and their pictures will be to the same quality standards I hold my work to. I’d like to take this moment to weed out any potential bridezillas… Although depressing to discuss, If I should die on the way to your wedding or am incapacitated in a way that won’t allow me to make a phone call I would hope that you would understand. I make no guarantee that I will call for backup from ‘the other side’ or from a ‘coma’ If you can find a photographer that can promise this then I’d actually like to meet him/her. If you’re reading this and thinking “Well – this is unacceptable – NOTHING should keep MY wedding photographer from performing – not even death!” Then please log out of my website immediately and head off for counseling!!! Or call that Bridezilla show and see if you qualify (my hunch says you will) All others.. keep reading:)

What happens if your camera stops working at a wedding?

I will bring plenty of disposable cameras in case my camera fails. KIDDING! I bring 5 back-up camera bodies to every event in case of equipment failure. I also bring extra flashes, lighting equipment, backup lenses etc.

Are you insured?

Yes! This is a actually not a frequently asked question but it should be.

Do you prefer Canon or Nikon?

I only have eyes for Canon and if you’re into photography – you know why. I am a canon junkie!! I shoot with all genuine L-Series Canon lenses.  I even named them. (don’t be a hater) If you need specifics, here they are: Camera bodies: Really heavy, big ones… Lenses: Awesome and expensive… Memory cards: Too many to count… (This is how I actually list my expenses for my accountant!)

Do you accept credit cards?


Can Aunt Sally take pictures while you’re taking pictures or will you get mad and throw your camera at her?

Don’t be ridiculous! My camera is way too expensive and way too important for me to throw at anyone! I will never get mad at a family member for taking pictures while I do. You might though, because it will drastically slow down the time it takes to complete your formal photography. Family is family and that is what weddings are all about. I’ll even pause to give Aunt Sally the chance to “remember” to take her lens cap off! (Yes, I’m that nice!)

Do you charge traveling fees?

If your wedding or event is more that 1 hour from my home I will charge a traveling expense fee, to be determined, reasonably, based on the distance from my home I will need to travel. (Additional “Big Gulp” fee will be determined based on distance as well) It typically works out to be $50 for anywhere over 1 hour but under 2 and $50 for each additional hour beyond that. My home is Clarkston, MI 48346 so you can easily mapquest your location to determine the fees applicable.

Why should we choose you over any other photographer?

I view this as a trick question! Usually during the planning of a wedding you have a lot of people telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. I refer to it as the “do what I did or do what I wish I would have done” syndrome. I know, I was a bride once too. I will be the last person to tell you what to do or whom to choose. A wedding photographer can be so much more than a “hired service”. The right choice will leave you with memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. The wrong one could leave you upset and regretful forever. If you’re impressed with my style of photography and want your images to reflect the same level of creativity, style and talent – then I would be honored to be a part of your day.

Frequently Asked Portrait Questions

Where do we start?

If we haven’t already started setting up your appointment please use the contact me link above to get in touch with me and check my availability.

Where will our session take place?

This is largely up to you (I, of course, have a ton of suggestions!!! But in the end you are in control of the location of your session) For newborns I typically come to your home. Newborns are most relaxed at home and you will be too while I work.

What do I need to bring with me or have for our session?

If you’re having your child photographed BRING THEM!:)I typically have everything we will need for your session except you and/or your child!!! I have plenty of blankets, rugs, backdrops, diaper covers, headbands, knit hats, stylized items and more. I also have stools, benches, chairs etc that I bring to sessions as I see necessary or depending on the kind of session we’ve discussed. I welcome any and all items you may want to use. I had an engagement session and they brought a CORVETTE! So yes, let’s talk about what you’re hoping for and go from there!

Will you rush us? Do you schedule 32 sessions a day?

I won’t rush you! I typically schedule no more than 3 sessions for a day and usually only schedule 2. Newborn sessions have a 2-3 hour block, FULL Child, Family, Senior and Engagement Sessions all have about an 1 1/2 – 2 hour block. And Maxi Mini Sessions have a full hour.

Are there outfit limits?

This is a tricky question… No, there aren’t BUT you want to insure you’re using your session time getting photos taken and not changing. You can always add time to your session if you anticipate a lot of outfit changes (extra hours are $100 each since you asked;))For children I would try to work with 1-2 outfits. Kids don’t really enjoy outfit changes either so that may be something to consider. I would plan on starting with the outfit you love the most and we can go from there but trying to fit in 3 or 4 outfits can really put a strain on your little one and if you’re doing a family session or an engagement session you can run into a lot of wasted time trying to find a place to change.

Will my husband/fiance/kids be bored?

Let’s face it, 9 times out of 10 it’s us ladies planning these idyllic sessions while naysayers i.e. BOYS sit in the wings asking WHY??? How long? How much? and will it interfere with “insert sport’s broadcast, athletic activity, golf outing, poker game etc.” Or your kids may whine the entire way about how it will be impossible for them to play minecraft during the session and their whole universe is basically destroyed. Unless, of course, you’re planning a baby session… in that case they can’t talk so you’re in the clear… I can’t remember the original question, oh yeah… will they be bored? NO!!! I try to move at a fast pace and keep everyone engaged. I even pause to let the hubs check the score of the game or update his facebook status to alert his friends that he’s having an amazing time getting his portrait taken and wishes you would plan more sessions;)

For newborn sessions how on earth can you possibly book a session for us when we have no idea when the little one will arrive?

I like to put 2 sessions on the books for newborn sessions. One right near your due date and one about 2 weeks after. Newborn sessions are typically during the week so I do have flexibility to move your appointment if need be.

What is your cancellation/reschedule policy?

A/This doesn’t apply to newborns. B/ You pay a $100 retainer for your single session and $200 retainer for combined sessions. This is nonrefundable. Within reason I can reschedule your session but if it is within 24 hours I may need to charge a $25 reschedule fee but I'm also a mom and understand things happen... things like fevers, runny noses, a coffee table to the head... these things all affect how well your session will go and how your photos will turn out (and also how much editing I will have to do) These are all reasonable reasons to reschedule so be honest and most likely I won't charge you a reschedule fee.