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Let's not pretend bios aren't just a little awkward, a lot of them are in third person which seems really odd to me. As if Morgan Freeman would show up and talk a little bit about me for my website. Actually I need to check into that... in the meantime I'll just do it myself because I'm a pretty real person and that's what real people do. My name is Emily, I have 3 kids, a husband, a dog, a beta fish and 6 cameras. I collect lenses like other people collect shoes and I have a vintage camera stash on top of my working camera stash that rivals any museum out there and I am just plain obsessed with photography. Some day I'll show you the photo albums from the first year of each of my kids' lives. You could flip through it and watch them grow I swear. I feel incomplete without my camera, it's become another limb for me, a way of expressing myself and my passion in life. Morgan Freeman probably would have said all of that better.

People always ask how I got started, how I became a photographer and the story isn't quite what they expect. I did study photography in college but my degree is actually in journalism, graphic design and sociology. Ironically, all three of these were exactly the perfect combo of education to make my photography business take off it's very first year. I feel it's my secret to success. But had I not been terrified of starting my own business I wouldn't have made these my majors/minor so I guess it all was meant to be. I wish I hadn't had to do 6 hard years in corporate America before I got the courage (and financial resources) to go for my dream though. Those are real years I can't get back but some of the people I met at my last job really spiraled me into taking the leap. Portraits will always have a special place in my heart and that's what I thought my business would be based on. Until I shot my first wedding. It was all over for me. Weddings are all my favorite things rolled into one. TRUE photojournalism, every emotion you could possibly imagine, beautiful settings, LOVE everywhere and a PARTY at the end of every single day on the job! What is not to love, seriously.

Buuut... It's pretty repetitive for a photographer to talk about how much they love cameras and photography though so I'll dig a little deeper and reveal some random facts that all thrown together paint a pretty accurate picture of who I am and what I like to do with my very rare free time.

• I have 3 kids, Charlotte (5), Ethan (15) and Ellise (11). They're pretty much my everything.

• My husband and I have been living together since the day we met. I moved into an apartment he also had a room in and from that moment forward we were inseparable.

• I feel most centered in nature. I've tried yoga and meditation but it's pretty hard for me to slow down my brain. Give me a nature trail and boom, instant zen. Whether it's kayaking into sea caves or hiking a bluff to see a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan I rely on nature to reconnect me when I'm feeling off.

• I love stationary and planners. It's the weirdest addiction but I know I'm not alone in this one.

• Music is super important to me. I feel like I've carried bands with me my whole life, they feel like old sweaters now and I can't live without Florence + The Machine, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, Bright Eyes, Paul Simon, The Head in the Heart, Ani Difranco and The Lumineers. Oh and Abba. Don't judge.

• Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong era. I was coming of age as all the good stuff started to be replaced. Cassettes to Cds then streaming. Books to e-books. Newspapers to websites. I really love all that old school stuff because it feels like it's part of the presentation, now something feels missing if I read a book on my phone. That's probably why I love my wedding albums and encourage prints rather than just digital files. I'm all about that immersive feeling when experiencing art in any form.

• I love theater! I try to get out and support Michigan's Performing Arts as much as possible. Locally, I'm a member of the Clarkston Village Players and donate my time to both the adult and children's side of the theater. All of my children are involved in theater and my daughters are both very much involved in dance. I guess you could say I'm a lover of the arts. Had Morgan Freeman been doing this he would have lead with that I'm sure and saved us all a couple paragraphs....

That's me kindof in a nutshell, mom, wife, photographer, nature enthusiast, lover of arts, not Morgan Freeman. In that order.








  • The Knot Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Knot Best of Award Winner 5 Times
  • Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Award Winner
  • Click on Detroit Award Winner
  • Published in The Knot Magazine
  • Published in Brides Magazine
  • Published in The Clarkston News
  • Published in Hour Detroit Magazine
  • Project Wedding Editor's Choice Award
  • 100s of happy client reviews all over the internet including The Knot, Wedding Wire and Click on Detroit



  • This is an incredibly important part of what I do. It's where all my best ideas come from!

  • From albums to collages to thank yous and save the dates. I design everything personally and in-house for you!

  • I seriously check my email 100 times a day. If you have something pressing, I'll be on it!

  • Whether it's location ideas or full blown stylized shoots let me take the reigns! I can take the information you give me and come up with the perfect way to make your vision a reality.

  • This is important during weddings... trust me...

  • I just love coffee. That's all.

  • I care about my clients, I consider them friends and do everything I can to make sure they have an experience of the highest quality and that we all have a lot of laughs and a hug or two along the way!